Coreten Security Doors & Blinds offers an exciting range of Blockout Roller Blinds that are fashionable, yet traditional. The chain operation offers a longer life to your blind and a smooth clutch for easy operation.

Designed to enhance the mood created within your home, Blockout Roller blinds also are perfect for blocking out the heat of the sun during the day and preserving privacy at night. Available in a choice of colours and textures, classic and modern designs, they are suitable for any room in the house and come with either a modern aluminium bottom rail or heritage fancy scallop finish.

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Sheerview Roller blinds are designed to minimize the sun glare whilst maximizing the outdoor view of your home or office. As with the Blockout Roller blinds, they are chain operated and are available in a large array of colours and fabrics to suit any décor, with a modern aluminium bottom rail finish.

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We also specialise in

Verticals, Venetians, Romans, Panel Glides & Pelmets

Vertical Blinds

are easily controlled by a single wand that twists to open and close the slats. Adding to this, the blinds have the option of stacking to the left or the right and are slid open and closed by pulling the wand in the stack direction. They stack neatly and evenly, providing you with a shade that won’t ever get in your way

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Venetian Blinds

is available in a variety of colours and finishes to suit all budgets and decors. Available in two slat sizes 25mm and 50mm, the aluminium venetian blind is a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution for both the home and office. They are versatile and ideal for creating a modern look while providing full light control and privacy.

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Roman Blinds

have panels of material that are stitched together in rows to form an alluring blind. They also include aluminium back battens that seal the seams, covering the stitching and providing a perfect seal that prevents any light from passing through.

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Panel Glide Blinds

are a modernized, stylish version of vertical blinds. While conventional vertical blinds have many small panels, our panel glide blinds feature up to six ultra-wide panels.

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